Welcome to the R/C Helicopter page of the Palomar RC Flyers website!

helilogoDid you know that –

  • The Palomar RC Flyers field has a seperate area exclusively for our heli pilots?
  • PRCF is the home club for pro factory pilots Jason Bell and Justin Barry from Team Avant?
  • Each year the PRCF hosts the San Diego Heli Fun Fly at our field?

Our heli field is equipped with a covered pit area with multiple tables. The tables provide plenty of room for pilots to hold their equipment as they prepare for their flights. There are currently seperate 5 flight stations for pilots to use. Parking is available next to the pit area for convenient loading and unloading. Having a seperate, dedicated area for r/c helis means that when there is a contest or Fun Fly at the airplane field the heli pilots can continue to fly without disturbing the event. For an inflight video tour of our field, click here.

Our club members are a great group of people who share a common love of flying r/c helis. There is a strong sense of friendship among them because of this common imterest. When the club pilots meet at the field each week you’ll usually see a lot of flying and a lot of conversations. During these conversations the members are usually trading stories about building their helicopters, sharing ideas for flying, helping to fix another members equipment or talking about what heli they want for their birthday or Christmas.

Please feel free to browse through our heli pages. If you have any questions about flying r/c helicopters or joining the Palomar RC Flyers club please contact the PRCF Officers.