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Membership Application Instructions

If you'd like to join the Palomar R/C Flyers, it's easy! Your application form will be processed when we receive in the mail a completed membership application and payment for dues. After verification of AMA membership new members will be given a membership card and gate key in person or by mail. You can also apply in person at the club meeting. 

All members must join the AMA. If you need to join the AMA, go to the Membership section of the AMA web site and get an application form. You can FAX them the form and get an AMA number the same day. Or, you can join the AMA Online. We are an AMA chartered club and AMA membership is a prerequisite.

We have several types of memberships available:

  • Junior Member - Those under 19 years (as of July 1st). This membership allows full privileges for juniors. Cost $20/year.
  •  Associate Member - No flying privileges. This is designed for those interested primarily in the social benefits of the Club. Cost $20/year.
  • Adult Member - Full privileges.  Adult Members can renew for $200/year which can be reduced by up to $125 of Palomar dollars earned. (see the FAQ)
  • Family Membership - Full privileges for all family members of one household. Each additional Family member can be added for a $15 fee. Each family member must complete the Application and the Club Release form.

Complete the following three steps to join:

Step 1

Read the Standing Rules and bylaws for Club membership.

Step 2

Click on link above and print the pages of the membership application

Step 3

Send the application form and a check for your dues to the address below.

Palomar R/C Flyers, Inc.
P.O. Box 141
San Marcos, CA 92079