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Dear District X AMA Members,  (AMA email 06/26/2023)

On my behalf and that of your fellow AMA members, I am asking for everyone’s help in submitting letters to congressional representatives to advocate for better laws in this year’s FAA Reauthorization bill. We have simplified the letter process with the link.


Greg Stone,
AMA Vice President, District X



​The Pappas Family has decided to postpone development at our field until sometime in early 2024. This is great news as it gives us another 9-12 months to fly at Johnson Field and also a lot more time to comfortably transition to a new field. We will now be planning some great events going forward into summer so stay tuned. See you at the field.

Joe Villarreal

President PRCF



When: May 22nd-July 31st / Monday Evenings / Except Holidays/Rainy Days / Time:5pm to dusk

Not sure where to start?

Come join us FOR FREE on Mondays after 5PM until sunset.

What do you need you bring?

You and the desire to learn

What do we provide?

We bring the planes

We bring the batteries

We bring the chargers

We bring the transmitters and 'Buddy' boxes

We bring years of flying experience and love for the hobby

We bring instructors who carefully bring you up to speed

We bring years of hard earned advice if you already have a plane

Find Us!

Flying Field

We have a 600'x40' asphalt runway, four separate helicopter pads, a pit area with tables and chairs, toilet facilities, plenty of parking, and an RV parking area (no facilities).

Johnson Field is located on about 70 acres on the Northeast corner of the intersection of I-15 and State Highway 76. We are about 16 miles North of Escondido on I-15. From I-15, take Highway 76 East towards Pala less than 1/2 mile and turn North on Pankey Rd. Enter the Palomar Flying site through the green gate. On weekdays, members must have a key to unlock the gate. The gate is open on weekends and holidays from about 8am to 1pm or when events are scheduled. The public is welcome to come and visit us during those hours. If you are interested in joining, come out anytime – mornings are the most active period. We have separate flying sites on the property devoted to RC airplanes and RC helicopters.

Club Meeting Location:

At the field the third Saturday of the month

Come join us!


If you'd like to join the Palomar R/C Flyers,  update or renew your membership information you're in the right place.

Easily provide your membership information online or by printing the appropriate forms and mailing them to us.

New membership applications will be processed when:

  • We receive the completed membership application, release form.

  • Payment for dues. (As needed)

  • After verification of AMA membership members will receive a membership card by mail. 

  • Gate cards will be distributed in person.


Catch up on all the club news!

Our Newsletters are graciously crafted by none other than our own Mr. Joe 'Buko' with talent beyond our wildest hopes. He has spent countless hours crafting our Club's Newsletters, adding many of his outstanding photos, quips, humor, stories and exceptional homegrown wit... In short we have the best!

See our current Newsletters or travel back in time with us to 2005. If you have copies that we do not have please share them with us and we'll place them online.

Come in and enjoy the humor, the stories, the outstanding photos and take a trip back in time with us!



Come and enjoy our Club Events!  We have a varied list of Events throughout the year with great fun to be had by club members, family, visitors and friends. One of the most popular is the Combat Trifecta, combat wings at it's best! We have regular Sail Plane soaring events and other forms of entertainment. If you have a family and would like to spend some time just watching the events please join us to enjoy the beauty of the planes, the carnage of the combat and the occasional walk of shame,  Come join us and see!!!

Model of the Month

Usually awarded at our club meetings on a monthly basis. You can see our current Model of the Month as well as past winners on our archive page.

Congratulations to all our Model Of The Month Winners!!!


For Sale/Trade!

PRCF members may list items that they wish to sell or trade in this space.  Listings will stay on line for a period of 90 days before deletion or at the request of the listing's owner.  Click below to see what you just can't live without!.


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