Steve Gebler

 Likes to build aircraft that aren’t supposed to fly!  Way, way too many aircraft.  Hi Tech Headhunter for more than 30 years.

Vice President - Membership Chairman

Steve Kerrin

Retired scientist still fascinated with radio communications, electronics, aviation, computers and science in general. Too many hobbies, too little time.


Chuck Riley

USMC veteran and flight instructor.  Proud father of an Eagle Scout.


Patrick Pranica

RC interests are primarily scale electric airplanes and gliders. Currently have 20 years of projects cued up. So many airplanes, so little time!  Retired senior television and film producer.

Board Member - Fixed Wing Chairman

Chris Avellino

3D Pilot and flight instructor.

Board Member - Sailplane Chairman

Jim Gallacher

I came to modeling from flying full scale sailplanes for 25 years. For 16 years I owned a Schweitzer 1-26B  which we flew in 1 design cross country race contests.

Board Member - Heli Chairman

Scott Dedic

I’ve been a member of the Palomar RC Flyers for about six years and this is my second term as a Board Member. I really enjoy flying rc helis and I’m currently the Helicopter Chairman.

Board Member - Safety Coordinator

Chris Thompson

Retired from the Orange County Sheriff’s Dept. (27 yrs) Marine Corps Veteran (6yrs)

Private pilot with Instrument rating. I’ve been flying RC for about 5 years. I love warbirds, scale planes, EDFs, gliders and aerobatics. Gas/Electric, glider-tow, I love it all. 

Board Member

Chris Wilson

Modeling since the days of .049 powered gliders to planes & helis. Founding member of the Huntsville Heli Flyers and recently re-discovering the fun of fixed wing flying again with my 80" Aeroworks profile plane...

Board Member

Richard Torres

I didn't realize how much I missed the camaraderie until I met our Club Members.

When you get to the field with a ton of charged batteries and go home with all but 2 still

charged - because you spent the morning just hanging out with great people - speaks volumes about a group.

Thank you all for sharing your knowledge, your stories, your spare parts and mostly your friendship.


Mostly WWII Warbirds, a glider and a jet. In a very short time - way too many not to consider some sort of counseling! Oh, and two helicopters which I've managed to chase myself into the house and garage with.

Board Member

Joe Villarreal

Mr. Barbecue.  You have got to taste the pulled pork and brisket!

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