April 2020

I hope that you, your friends, and family are doing well during this stressful time with all the news related to Corona Virus.

As you know, the field is still open, but it is critical, should you decide to fly, to insure that you keep a safe distance from each other, and hand wash and sanitize often. It is such a natural instinct to shake hands, hand each other transmitters, batteries, and other gear, but please refrain from doing so.

Many of the other flight clubs around the country and even here in San Diego have been forced to close. While we can, we will keep things open. All meetings, events, training, and contests are on hold for now. For the time being no visitors, guests or visiting AMA members from other clubs will be allowed at the field. Check the Transmitter, the website, and your emails for changes that may occur.

March 2020

Happy March!

It looks like most of the cold weather has passed, the rains have diminished (hope I am not jinxing this), and the roads are in good shape.

Pappas Investments, the owner of the land that we have enjoyed for so many years at Johnson Field, informs me that it will likely be more than two years before they will even start to draw permits on the development of the land for the proposed housing and shopping center that will eventually take place. That said, we need to contnue to investgate new field locatons for the future.

February 2020

All the news that’s fit to print!

The Pig Report
Well, our three little visitors are gone again. We don’t know how they got there, and we don’t know
where they went! Despite repeated attempts to have the County Animal Welfare team collect them,
somehow they simply disappeared. I suspect that the owners dropped them off only to collect them
again. Maybe pigs do fly!

Field Improvement
Two improvements are about to be started at the field.........

January 2020

Well we’ve had another fun, exciting, and successful year at Palomar Radio Control Flyers.

If you were able to attend the Holiday Party, it was a great one. Thanks to Barbara and Joe Villarreal and to my wife, Brenda, for hosting a great event. We had about 80 attendees this year and all enjoyed a great dinner and the abundant raffle prizes and awards that were given out. Special Recognition this year went to:

Our retiring Board Members, Chuck Riley, Scott Dedic, and Steve Kerrin who have done so much for the club over the years. Thankfully, Steve is staying on as Membership Chairman, one of the most important functions in the club.

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