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Lost a Locator TX about 2 weeks ago

February 03, 2020

Locator TX


Ron Schuyler

Description Slightly larger then a credit card , has several labels for my A/C and the battery is held in with a plastic slug and tape.


Left behind at field

May 25, 2019

Ask one of the board members...

Found - Propeller & Hub

February 23, 2019

Found on the North side of field about 10' into the ravine.

Placed in the Charging station

Possibly from a P-51

Lost - Saito 125 engine

September 27, 2018

Saito 125 engine
DLE-35 rear exhaust engine
(perhaps still in this cowling) 

Please contact Frank at 2hilltophangar@gmail.com


Lost - Hero

September 27, 2018


Please contact Frank at 2hilltophangar@gmail.com


Lost - P-51 Profile 52 in. wing

September 27, 2018

P-51 Profile 52 in. wing 

Please contact Frank at 2hilltophangar@gmail.com


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