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New Palomar Radio Control Flyers Logo


If you have experience in digital art creation or know of someone that does, the club is seeking to update their logo design.    We are looking to create a design, or series of designs that could be used on our Web site, Publications, and hats/shirts, etc.


We want to incorporate the future focus of the club to include Fixed Wing, Helicopters, Sail Planes and Drones into the design(s).


We’d like to have one of our club members perform the work, but we can also engage the services of some local High School and college art departments.  If you have a connection that you think that can help us with the new design, please reach out to me ASAP.


For more information, contact Steve Gebler at

Note: A printout of each logo will be taken to the field on July 4th 2019. At this time you will simply place an 'X' below the logo you wish to vote for. The existing electronic votes have been transferred for you.​

If you already voted here you do not need to vote again.


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