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As you may know, the Palomar RC Flyers Club has enjoyed Johnson Field for twenty years.  Due to the recent construction adjacent to our field, it is our belief that we may lose our field within the next two years. 

It’s imperative that ALL of us take an active part in identifying potential new field locations before we must move.  Please print out the attached flyer, make copies and distribute them to your:
• Local Hobby Shops
• Police and Fire Departments
• Farm and Agricultural Supply Dealers
• Government Agency contacts
• Farmers and Growers
• Land Developers

A key term that seems to resonate with land owners is “Passive Surveillance”.  What this means is that our presence on land deters criminal activity, vandalism, and littering.  This is how we acquired access to Johnson Field.  The owners of the land that we enjoy now had multiple problems before we occupied the field and we have had almost no issues in our twenty year history.  Our club and the AMA provide insurance to the land owner and there is no cost to the land owner for any improvements that we make for runways, shade structures, etc.

Time is running out.  Please take this matter seriously and take an active part in trying to locate a new flying field for the Palomar RC Flyers!

Your Board of Directors

Bill Hill
Chris Avellino
Steve Kerrin
Sean O’Connor
Patrick Pranica
David Drowns
Jim Gallacher
Steve Gebler
Curtis Pineau
Chuck Riley
Joe Villarreal

Below are links to the flyers presentation and flyers presented to us on Thursday's Club meeting. (8/18/2017)

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