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December 2005

Well, my year as Club President is almost officially completed.  The next “President’s Column” you read will be written by our new President, Jim Mazuric. His administration will see some new faces in both Club Officers and Board Members.  I can only ask that, as Club members, you give him the generous support you gave me.

November 2005

Well, the nominations are in and every post has at least one person running for it.  This means the club will continue to move forward with good people on the stick! I think this year’s Officers and Board of Directors have done a fine job keeping the club aloft with very little funds.

October 2005

Its October!  What does that mean to the Palomar R/C Flyers?  Well, first it is a slow month.  However we do have an informal Control Line fly-in scheduled for Saturday, October 8, 2005.  We also have an Open B Combat event, (Raid on Bougainville), scheduled for October 22, 2005.  But the most important event scheduled for this month is the October 20, 2005 Club meeting!  Why you might ask?  Because the October meeting is primarily reserved for Club Officer and Board of Director nominations for the upcoming election.

September 2005

It’s September, and the Club is still flying at Johnson field.  But even though we still have Johnson field, we need to think of the future and find a new long term flying site. Eventually we will have to leave this home that has housed our club for the last eight years. But we have a little bit of a breather as we are continuing to work out our tenure with the County of San Diego

August 2005

August is here…and so are we! …at the flying field, that is to say.

July 2005

OK, I want you to repeat after me, very slowly:  “It’s July already!” I cannot believe how fast this year is flying by! (OK, so it’s a bad pun…)

June 2005

May has come and gone and June is here! How quickly this year seems to be passing.  May saw the new “Top Dawg” AMA sanctioned Scale Contest, our first zoning meeting with the County of San Diego regarding our field’s requirements, and several car track races. All of these “events” met with success.

May 2005

It is already May! This upcoming month should be great for our club! Last month was highlighted by our participation in the Fallbrook Air-Fair.  Heck, we were the entire Air show! We also held our annual Club Auction which seemed to be a lot of fun for everyone.

April 2005

OK, Can you believe its April!!!! Where is the time going? I woke up yesterday, April 1, 2005, with every intention of writing this column… until I stood up and realized that I would be laying right back down in bed if my head and gravity had their way.  I was definitely sick.  So I stayed in bed thinking of all the things I planned to say in this month’s addition of the Transmitter.

March 2005

As I sit here at my computer, on the last day of February, with a bad case of writer’s block, I am trying to find a place to begin.

February 2005 (Extra)

For four years the Palomar RC Flyers held a scale fly-in. The interest was high, the prizes incredible. Unfortunately, the last Top Dawg event occurred on the hottest weekend of the year!!!! 107 degrees. The heat proved to be unbearable. September turned out to be difficult weather wise.

February 2005

My second month as President has started and I think its going well with the exception of a one “little” item.  For those of you that don’t know me, I am not one to let something that needs to be corrected go without being addressed.  Therefore, I will relate this matter to the membership once, and only once, here and now: First, if I decide, due to rain, that the field must be closed, THE FIELD IS CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.  The membership is responsible to check for Field status and updates on our website:

January 2005

Hello 2016!!! I would like to wish everyone a “Happy New Year” and a great 2016 to all.  I hope that the holidays were excellent and that everyone had a chance to spend some quality time with their families and friends.   In addition, I would imagine that everyone  has now had a chance to recharge your batteries (as well as your planes) during this time off and are ready to gear up for a tremendous 2016?

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