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December 2006

Hello Everyone! Well… here’s my campaign speech….. Um well… and that’s the story and I’m stick’n to it!

November 2006

Hello Everyone!  This month’s gonna be very short. I am in process of moving with Dennis to Fallbrook

October 2006

Editors Note:- Last month something went wrong and I failed to include the entire poem below. Although the 9-11 anniversary has passed I thought it would be appropriate  to reprint this since 9-11 is burnt into all our minds forever. Sent in by our President Jimmy Mazurek

September 2006

Hello Everyone! Well , most of the year is gone and hopefully the heat will end soon. And we’re still in the black. The resealing of the runway will be done on sept. 19th and the field will re open on the 20th mid day. The chemical used on the car track has worked very well. We have purchased enough to last us about 18 months.  The cost for both sealing the plane field and maintaining the track is around 5,000.00 but money well spent. It is the only big dollar items that were needed for this year. And that still keeps us in the black. :-)

July 2006

Hi Everyone!   WOW! I can’t believe half the year is over already!  We all sure had a great time at the Barona drags! As you can tell from the pictures, we had a great spot to watch all the action. We were set up at the entrance to the staging lanes. All the entertainment had to pass right in front of us.

June 2006

Hello, As some of you may have found out. We had to suspend all use of the car track facility until further notice. The main problem was dust control. Or, actually, the lack of it. The heli field had to be closed down during the last race due to the dust cloud. They were relocated to the plane field. Which I am happy to say, everyone got along well and played nice. :-)

May 2006

Hello Everyone!  We are gonna have a great Heli fun fly this month! Ray Nemovi has lined us up some great entertainment in the way of participants. I’ve heard that Alan Szabo will be there as well as many others. Don’t miss some really great rotary wing flying and demo’s. plan to attend. Also, we need your help and support for this event. So, if you can, please contact Ray or myself  to be put on a list for helping. It also is a fun way of earning those Palomar dollars. :-)

April 2006

Hello Peoples!  Gosh! tax time here again?  The time of the year that I hate the most! It always seems to cut into my r/c allowances :-( 

March 2006

Wow, I can’t believe how fast this month has flown by. I would like to thank everyone at Hobby People for coming out to our Feb. meeting and sharing time with us. Those of you that didn’t make it... well, ya missed out on all the goodies! This

February 2006

Hello Everyone! Well...our first club event this year was a lot of fun! I got to visit with a lot of people, fly a lot of new planes, try my hand at combat, and really enjoyed the day. For those of you that couldn’t make it, we missed you and hope you can attend the next one.

January 2006

Hello All!  This is your new president... And as your new president I have one demand from all members this year. And that is to have fun and participate in all the great stuff we have planned for you.

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