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December 2008

OK, originally I was going to make this a long drawn out recap of the entire years events, but then I realized you can go back and read it all on line!  I just did. But this has been an eventful year for the Palomar R/C Flyers.  We hosted many events including a “National” helicopter Fun Fly, a full “Combat Competition” series, a “World War I Fly-In”, several Glider Tows, Three Youth Events, a Fourth of July barbecue, and several work parties designed to bring our club into San Diego County building code compliance

November 2008

Ok, aside from that presidential Election thing, this is the biggest election of the year…at least for the Palomar R/C Flyers!  Therefore you need to vote!  Ballots should be mailed to you soon and the winners will be announced at the Christmas Banquet.

October 2008

It’s October!  We are getting near the end of the year.  With the end of the year comes the final club contests and sponsored events, budget talks, officer nominations and of course Christmas/Holiday dinner.