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Dear Folks, Welcome to new board members, Bill Hill and Ron Edwards! I  look forward to working with you.  We  thank Larry Hufford and Bob Peterson for their generous work on the board as they leave.   Thank you for your vote of confidence by giving  me another year to serve as your president.  I will give it my all, and my main work will be to locate our permanent  flying site. I hope that we will be at Johnson Field for the next year or two or more, but we want to prepare for our eventual move to a  permanent  flying site.  When we finally move, wouldn’t it be great if I were able to rename this column, “Wings Over the Sod Farm” or “Wings Over the Plains”! The

Flying Field As you know, plans are in the works to develop the property on which we fly.  The entire area to be developed involves three owners. It is a question of time before we move to another site, but no one knows when that will be.  The San Diego  County Dept. of Planning and Land use suggested that we have perhaps 5 to 10 years. After attending the October Fallbrook Planning Meeting, Varley feels we have much less time than that. Thus, it is time we work to establish another flying site. There have been newspaper articles about the area’s development, and the monthly planning meetings in Fallbrook continue to discuss it. When we eventually move, we’d like our new site to be our last and permanent field.

Runway Re-sealed Our runway was resealed by Pat Drown and Sons on September 2. They did a great job. Now our field is in excellent condition; we are so fortunate to be able to fly here.  Flying sites are few and far between, and the way it looks, we will be at Johnson Field for years to come. It is to be striped on Sept. 3. Pat recommended that I apply filler when cracks develop. They filled them all, but as the surface dries, it eventually cracks. He can provide us with crack filler that is better than can be bought at home improvement stores.

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