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At the September general meeting we will open nominations for the slate of officers and board members for the 2015 year. Any person nominated must accept the nomination either in person or by emailing me. Any person considering running for a position should plan on trying to attend all the board meetings and general meetings. General meeting are the third Thursday of each month and board meetings are the last Wednesday of the month.

On September 15th Scout Troop 680 visited Johnson Field for a merit badge training day and some hands on flying with the help of our instructors. The Scouts had a great time and the members that helped out were impressed with the young men because they were attentive, polite, and showed a genuine interest in the subjects that were taught. Tim Hitchcock did an excellent job co-ordinating the day’s events. David Drowns covered basic aerody-namic principles while Bob Berry and Bob Broughton

covered instruments and mapping. As usual Dennis Newbeck and his instructor team did a great job getting the scouts some stick time on the club’s trainer fleet. Ron Schuyler and Roger Cosio served up a great lunch and Patrick Pranica helped me and the scouts build Sky Streaks for a lesson in simple model building and the importance of CG. Thanks to all the members who helped out this was a very successful event.