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Happy December Everyone! I want to say thank you to everyone for allowing me to be president for the last year and a half and thank you to all the people who supported our efforts. I hope you will give Jim and all the officers and board members help when needed; this is your club.

Steven Hofmann passed away on July 20, 2015. We will greatly miss Steve. He was always at the heli field when he was in good health. He was also an exceptionally talented photographer and some of his photos are on his website:

First, I want to thank Frank & Ethel Burke for donating a new flag for our field. Secondly, thank you Frank Burke for helping me fix the flag pole so we can raise and lower said flag.
Don’t forget our annual picnic on Fourth of July. Come out and meet some of the people in our club you may not always have a chance to visit with.
We have a Multi-Rotor Challenge event tentatively scheduled for September 19th and a possibility of CAP squadron on the 12th of September.

San Diego Heli Fun Fly was held over Memorial weekend and was considered by all to be a great success!. Thanks to Scott Dedic for organizing it, Joe Villarreal & team for cooking, Patrick    Pranica for registration and all others who volunteered their time to make this a very successful event. Even though the weather was not the finest, everyone still seemed to have a wonderful time.

After recovering from surgery and sitting around not doing much it certainly is nice to  be up moving around again and be out flying once in a while!
We had a very nice presentation on filmography using multi-rotors at our March  meeting; thanks Chris for arranging that.

 On January 19th we had a group of kids from Escondido Charter High School launch rockets at our field. What great fun, I for one, had never seen how they launch these rockets. Bill Hill coordinated the event with them and Glenn Pohly ran the event and acted as safety officer. Glenn has done quite a bit of this in the past. Photos of the event are included in this Transmitter.

 Our annual Christmas dinner this year was a great success! I had quite a few comments on how good the food was. Thank you to Dave Truax and Joe and Barbara Villarreal for organizing it and ticket sales. Barbara’s decorating touch was especially nice. Thanks to Patrick Pranica for the running slide show from photo contest.

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