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The Holiday season is upon us. It seems like it hit suddenly and I find myself confronted with the
impending Christmas season before I’ve had time to fully give “Thanks”. The end of the year is
rapidly approaching; the new club officers and board members have been determined, we’re preparing
for the Christmas banquet on December 16th, and the last combat of the year will be just
next weekend on Sunday December 3rd. I’m reflecting back on all that’s happened this year and
even though it seems like we haven’t been that busy, there’s a lot to be thankful for.

The year is rapidly coming to an end and you know what that
means! It means we get to do the club auction once again! I’m
soooo excited because it’s my favorite club meeting all year. Please right now, go up
in the attic and get all those old planes that you haven’t flown in over a year and
bring them to the auction. Think about it; you get to unload all your old stuff and
another club member gets a new (old) plane, the club gets the money, and everybody
has a good time!

I want to stress again the importance that all members get involved in
the search for a new field. Ideally we’ll find a place where we can build