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The Holiday season is upon us. It seems like it hit suddenly and I find myself confronted with the
impending Christmas season before I’ve had time to fully give “Thanks”. The end of the year is
rapidly approaching; the new club officers and board members have been determined, we’re preparing
for the Christmas banquet on December 16th, and the last combat of the year will be just
next weekend on Sunday December 3rd. I’m reflecting back on all that’s happened this year and
even though it seems like we haven’t been that busy, there’s a lot to be thankful for.

The year is rapidly coming to an end and you know what that
means! It means we get to do the club auction once again! I’m
soooo excited because it’s my favorite club meeting all year. Please right now, go up
in the attic and get all those old planes that you haven’t flown in over a year and
bring them to the auction. Think about it; you get to unload all your old stuff and
another club member gets a new (old) plane, the club gets the money, and everybody
has a good time!

I want to stress again the importance that all members get involved in
the search for a new field. Ideally we’ll find a place where we can build
a field that is equal to or better than our current home, a new home where we can have a 600 foot
paved runway, a corresponding grass field, shade covers, and set up tables. I’d like enough
ground so we could still have camping and hold large events like we have in the past. Enough
room so we can still have a separate area for the Heli flying and create a new area for drone pilots.
How about a club house with a kitchen and maybe some RV spaces with hook ups and some
grassy areas for tent camping. OK, maybe I’m getting carried away, but it doesn’t hurt to dream

The club meeting in September will be held at the field on Saturday
the 23rd. This is an important meeting as nominations will be
opened for club officers and board members. I’d like to encourage
members to step up. If you’ve been looking for a good way to contribute
to the club, being a club officer or board member is an excellent way.

 That was the best pulled pork! If you were there you know what I’m talking
about. It was the 4th of July picnic and Joe and Barbra Villarreal did an outstanding
job; we’re still talking about it at our house! Joe sure knows how to work that smoker!

 The greatest thing about our club is its members. Day-in and day-out it is always amazing to see the camaraderie, fun and support each of our members provides to each other, our club and the community. Whether flying a sailplane, powered fix wing, heli, drone or some crazy contraption you made in your garage the night before, it always brings a great sense of pride and fun.

 With the recent canceling of the San Diego Heli Fun Fly and the Sail Plane event this past month there’s been some disappointment. The reality was that we as a club were not properly prepared to have these events and that’s why they were canceled. An event is different from a club activity because we’re inviting AMA members from other areas to join us and fly at our field. So what does it take to have an event?

 We’ve got this week off from flying as the construction on Pankey Rd. has shut us down for the week. I’ve been told we’ll be back up and running by the time you read this and I’m hoping that we won’t have any more closures. The contractor called me and explained that they had an unexpected cave in which forced the shut down. Trenching will be ongoing for the next few weeks so please be cautious while entering and exiting the field. They hope to have the trenching completed by mid to late May. We canceled our field mowing due to the closure so we’ll be rescheduling; look for an email message with the new date.

 I’d like to start this article by first recognizing Jim Jenkins for all the amazing work he’s done for our club. Jim has helped promote our monthly club meetings not only at the Senior Center, but also at the field. He has helped change the flow and the way we look at model of the month and the different topics we cover such as flying tips and build best practices. He has helped upgrade our field and has brought a wealth of fresh and new ideas. These are just some of the things Jim has done and to simply say the words “thank you” seems to be a bit of an understatement. Jim, we appreciate you, and all you’ve done and truly….thank you.  

No column this month

February 2017

Well the weather has been phenomenal, the field is holding up, but the flyers have become restless. With this said, everyone has  been itching to get out and get their birds in the air and do some serious flying. I would like to take this moment to remind everyone to please stay focused and please pay attention to what we and those around us are doing as well as supposed to be doing.

January 2017

First of all I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!  It has been one incredible year seeing all the changes that the club has gone through such as new members, new equipment, incredible events, wild and crazy aircraft, and just great fun.  This would not have been possible without the people of whom our membership is comprised; my hat is off to all of you. 

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