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December 2018


Happy Holidays and Season’s Greetings everyone! At this time of year, it’s only appropriate to reflect on the many gifts that we are given in our lives. I know that I am grateful for the many blessings that have been given to me in my life and certainly a big part of that is in the fine relationships that I have enjoyed and the wonderful facility that we have at Palomar Radio Control Flyers.

I’m often asked, “which part of the hobby do you enjoy best, building or flying”? Most people unfamiliar with our
hobby miss one of the key benefits of our club — the wonderful people that we have in it.

November 2018


Congratulations to all involved, but especially Jim Gallacher for producing
another great Aerotow event early in October. His ground crew was superb
and the event was well attended. If you were not able to attend, see a
highlight video of the event here:

This Fall’s Camp Out and Night Fly was well attended on the same weekend. We had all manor of
campers, night flyers, and guests in attendance. Some highlights of the weekend were certainly the
wide variety of lighted aircraft, the awe inspiring helicopter flights, and Bill Hill’s excellent jungle
illumination aircraft system!