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Thank you Joe Buko for the countless hours spent putting these wonderful Transmitter Newsletters together and Jim Cristy for placing these online!

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February 2023 President's Message

Joe Villarreal

The property owners of Johnson Field, Louie and John Pappas,
along with their property manager Thad Johnson came down for
a surprise visit last Friday. I have been trying for many weeks to
get an accurate timeline from them on how much time the club
has left at our present location. Here is what they told me. We
will have to be out by June 1. This includes the removal of all
shade structures, storage containers as well as the removal of
the asphalt and concrete runway..........

Villarreal photo.JPG

January 2023 President's Message

Joe Villarreal

Happy New year to our Palomar RC Flyers family. Hope Santa also brought you a new bird and not just a turkey.

If you missed our Christmas Dinner you missed a great evening
of food and fun. Here is a list of our year end award recipients...

Special PRCF Medal of Honor...Capt. E. Royce Williams

Excellence in Flight Instruction...Doug Abel, Chuck Riley, Hal
Meeker, Dave Ellis, Vic Lerum

Student of the Year...MikeMajewski

Jr. Student of the Year...Finn Majewski

Trifecta Champion...Tim Hitchcock

PRCF Ambassador...Doug Abel

PRCFWebmaster Par Excellence...Richard Torres

Editorial Excellence "Transmitter "...Joe Buko

2022 Members of the Year...Steve Gebler and Lorie Azar.

Hopefully we will have an update on our field search the first part of January. Everyone have a safe and prosperous New Year. See you at the field.

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