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Sat, Sep 19


Palomar RC Flyers Inc

Feed the Jungle Fun Fly

The notorious Palomar R/C Flyers Jungle has got the munchies!

Feed the Jungle Fun Fly
Feed the Jungle Fun Fly

Time & Location

Sep 19, 2020, 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Palomar RC Flyers Inc, Pankey Road, Fallbrook, CA 92028, USA

About The Event

Must use the same airplane for all events!!!

$1 entry fee

Prize is 50/30/20% of the cash

HIT THE MARK  Using Geb’s altimeter and spinner, hit the target altitude, the target time (1:30?) and the target spot landing (simulated dead stick once on ground, no power to taxi).  1 Point penalty for every foot over or under in altitude, every second over or under time, and for every whole foot from the target spot landing.  Lowest score wins.

$5 Mulligan to try a second time.

DICE ROLL  Six maneuvers are chosen & numbered 1 - 6. The pilot rolls one die to choose a maneuver, the rolls it again to choose the number of times the maneuver must be flown. Time begins at first roll & stops upon touchdown.

$1 mulligans to roll again for a different maneuver




4=Split S

5=Square loop

6=Hammerhead stall turn

GEORGIA AIR SHOW  Time begins. Pilot starts engine, eats a soda cracker, whistles audibly, then takes off and begins looping aircraft. He must loop till he has eaten another cracker and whistled audibly again, then lands. Low time wins.

LIMBO LUNACY  Set limbo streamer at 6', Most passes under limbo in one minute, cut streamer or hit pole and time stops.

MUSICAL AIRPLANES  Fill the sky with old airplanes. A horn is blown, and all aircraft must land, Last plane down is eliminated. Continue till all but one plane is eliminated.

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