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FAA Questions/Comments

The day before I wrote this editorial, the FAA released the Final Rule for Remote ID. Here are a few of the frequently asked questions regarding the rule.


Q: When will hobbyists need to comply with Remote ID requirements?

A: Although you might notice new Remote ID products on the shelves and FAA-Recognized Identification Areas (FRIAs) established, operators are not required to comply until September 1, 2023. During this time, AMA will continue to shape the implementation of the rule for hobbyists.


Q: What is a FRIA?
A: A FRIA is where persons can operate visual line-of-sight UAS without remote ID. the FAA will look to community-based organizations (CBOs) such as AMA to establish these locations.


Q: Who can apply for a flying site to be a FRIA?

A: Those eligible to request establishment of FRIAs include educational institutions and CBOs recognized by the Administrator.


Q: I mostly fly at my AMA club's chartered flying site. How does this rule impact me?

A: Clubs will be able to apply for their flying site(s) to be recognized by the FAA through AMA. When the flying site is included in the list of FRIAs, members can fly there without needing to meet any additional Remote ID requirements.

Q: Do Control Line and Free Flight operators need to meet Remote ID requirements?

A: AMA maintains that Control Line and Free Flight do not meet the definition of UAS.


Q: I often fly scratch-built or plan-built models. How will this impact me?

A: Recreational and educational operators can "home build" without meeting manufacturer certification standards, allowing these types of aircraft to be operated at a FRIA or under the broadcast model option.




Doug Abel

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