FAA Comments

So far, only about 10,000 comments have been made out of a total population of approximately 195,000 AMA members and potentially over 500,000 RC pilots.


Points to include in your comments:

•    80 years of Proven Safety Record of Models without cameras or remote navigation
•    Need for regulation for non-club related activities
•    Proposed broadcast and network identification of all aircraft
•    Subscription service for every model and every flight expected to cost $5 per model per month
•    Software on drones can already accomplish flight activities tracking
•    Applications for new field locations may be prohibited
•    All models over .55 lbs. need to be registered individually
•    Compliant RTFs without ability to have interchangeable components
•    Limited use of existing models in your hangar
•    Hardware upgrade for Park Flyers
•    Tamper Proof Hardware

•    March 2 is the last day to comment
•    Write your comments in your own style
•    No taunting or profanity
•    Include the points mentioned
•    Boilerplate comment at http://tinyurl.com/s627o83
•    Post your comments at http://tinyurl.com/tvsv2z3


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