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1/4 Scale Newport 17

Model By:
Balsa USA
Apr 20, 2024

Another win for Mark!!!

Build Time:
Mark Olarsch
12 Lbs
Balsa, Bass, and Ply
DLE 30

The Nieuport 17 was a French biplane fighter aircraft produced during World War I. It was designed by Gustave Delage as an improvement on the Nieuport 16, with a more powerful engine and improved aerodynamics. The Nieuport 17 was widely considered to be one of the best fighters of the early years of World War I.

The Nieuport 17 entered service with the French Air Service in March 1916, and it saw extensive use throughout World War I, both as a fighter and a reconnaissance aircraft. It was also used by several other countries, including Great Britain, Italy, and Russia.

The Nieuport 17 was highly maneuverable and agile, and it was armed with a single synchronized Vickers machine gun, which was mounted on the upper wing and fired through the propeller arc. The aircraft was also equipped with a Lewis machine gun mounted on a flexible mount for use by the observer in reconnaissance missions.

The Nieuport 17 was known for its excellent handling characteristics and its ability to climb rapidly, making it a formidable opponent for many of the aircraft it faced in combat. It was also relatively light and nimble, which made it particularly well-suited for dogfighting.

Despite its strengths, the Nieuport 17 was not without its limitations. It was relatively lightly armed and armored, and it was known for being somewhat fragile in combat. However, it remained a popular and effective aircraft throughout World War I, and it played an important role in establishing French air superiority during the early years of the conflict.

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